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Bed rest

Certainty Tape

The power absorption channels rapidly absorbs moderate to heavy amounts of urine up to 3x faster* for a drier, more comfortable feel.

Suitable for adults limited to bed rest.

Product Benefits

Power absorption channels rapidly absorbs urine up to 3x faster* to stay dry and comfortable.

Soft Touch Layer

For long wearing comfort.

Fresh Guard

Antibacterial polymer gel to minimise bacterial growth and trap unpleasant odours.

Adjustable Fit

Refastenable tapes allow adjust for good body fit.


Gently hug thighs to provide maximum protection against side leakage.


Bed rest

Absorption Level:

Moderate - Heavy

Hip measurement:
78 - 106 cm
10 pcs
Hip measurement:
90 - 131 cm
8 pcs

*Compared to previous Certainty Tape.

Guide to wear

Position diaper at back and adjust to be centerd around the hips.

Pull up the front section of diaper to cover up in between legs. Stick the tapes to the front of the zone area.

Lying position

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