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Walk Independently
Walk with walking aid
Walk, stand, sit with human assistance
Bed rest

Live life to the fullest with Certainty.

Based on the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) care concept, we have created adult pants that can be suited for any level of mobility condition. Allowing you to live independent and confidently.

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Certainty DryPants

Discreet Protection against urinary leaks

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Certainty SuperPants

Close Fit Protection against urinary leaks

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Certainty MaxPants

Max absorption* for longer hours urinary leakage protection

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Certainty Tape

The power absorption channels rapidly absorbs moderate to heavy amounts of urine up to 3x faster* for a drier, more comfortable feel.

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Certainty Antibacterial Wipes

Designed to clean, protect and refresh by killing 99.9% of bacteria without skin irritation with practical and convenient use especially keeping hygiene in incontinence management.

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