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Certainty DryPants

Designed to fit like underwear, it is comfortably slim and breathable. Suitable for adults who can walk and use the toilet independently. Absorbs light to moderate leakages for comfortable security.

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Product Benefits

Comfortably slim, like underwear. Does not show under clothes.

Back gathers” hugs backside for a slimmer shape.

Breathable cloth like material keeps skin fresh & dry.

Fresh Guard

Antibacterial polymer gel to minimise bacterial growth and trap unpleasant odours.

Secure Against Leaks

Double absorbent pads that quickly absorbs to leave skin fresh & dry. Double leak guards to prevent side leakage.


Walk Independently

Absorption Level:

Light - Moderate

Waist measurement:
65 - 90 cm
11 pcs (Regular)
30 pcs (Jumbo)*
Waist measurement:
80 - 105 cm
9 pcs (Regular)
26 pcs (Jumbo)*
Waist measurement:
95 - 125 cm
8 pcs (Regular)
24 pcs (Jumbo)*

*Available via Lazada and Shopee only.

Easy to wear

1. Pull up and down just like underwear.

2. Adjust the waistband accordingly to fit body.

Lying position

Standing position

Disposal methods

1. Tear off the seams on both sides

2. Roll diaper and discard into waste bin. Do not throw into the toilet bowl.

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What Our Customers Say

Good product quality. Good value for money. Fast delivery. Excellent service by seller and thanks for the gift.

~ tine2186 (7 May 2020)

Very absorbent even for overnight use.

~ Johana J. (4 May 2020)

New packaging, good quality as usual. Fast delivery despite MCO.

~ kyboon (29 Apr 2020)

my mom only uses this. so I’m going to give u 5 🌟

~ Contessa K. (27 March 2020)