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Walk, stand, sit with human assistance
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Certainty MaxPants

Max absorption power and “close fit gathers” locks in moderate to heavy amounts of urine and protect against leaks for longer wearing hours and comfortable security.

Designed to help the older adult maintain independence. The 2x Stretch Fit waistband allows the pants to be easily pull up and down even with light strength and the simplified leg cuffs prevents falls by allowing easy foot insertion without it getting caught.

Suitable for adults who needs assistance walking, standing and sitting.

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Product Benefits

Maximum absorption power locks in urine for longer wearing hours and protection.

Close Fit Protection

“Close fit gathers” designed to sit flat on thighs for a comfortable fit and protect against leaks.

Easy to Wear, Designed for the Older Adult

Easy to pull up and down, multiple times even with light strength.

Easy to insert and remove foot without getting caught.

Fresh Guard

Antibacterial polymer gel to minimise bacterial growth and trap unpleasant odours.


Walk, stand, sit with human assistance

Absorption Level:

Moderate - Heavy

Waist measurement:
60 - 85 cm
10 pcs
Waist measurement:
74 - 100 cm
9 pcs
Waist measurement:
90 - 125 cm
8 pcs

*Compared to Certainty Pants range.

Easy to wear

1. Pull up and down just like underwear.

2. Adjust the waistband accordingly to fit body.

Lying position

Standing position

Disposal methods

1. Tear off the seams on both sides

2. Roll diaper and discard into waste bin. Do not throw into the toilet bowl.

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